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September 25, 2018 @ 7:03 am

Our regular host of ARTHouse segment Fake Shemp, Sean O’Keeffe interviews filmmaker Tom Taylor at the MTNS Made Salon

Spiteful aliens with more intelligence than humans will shortly appear in the Blue Mountains — but fortunately they will be of the digital variety only.

Leura filmmaker, producer and animator Tom Taylor is creating a 45-minute sci-fi thriller called Last Ark. Set in Katoomba, Leura, Mt Victoria and the Jamison Valley, the short film will double as the first episode of a crowd-funded web series if it develops a following.

 The draft promotional poster for the sci-fi short film Last Ark, featuring Blue Mountains actors Damion Hunter, Georgia Adamson and Josef Ber. Image: Tom Taylor.

Written and funded by Mr Taylor, the thriller is set 40 years in the future in a world decimated by aliens.

The story centres on a crew of survivors left to fend for themselves in an Australian military airship. They are on a mission out of the country in the hope of finding a safe haven, but stop in the Blue Mountains where they try to rescue another survivor. 

Mr Taylor said the short film’s theme is ‘the day of judgment is what you make of it’.

“In this first episode, I’m introducing the story world and its main characters — a mix of military personnel and refugees they’ve picked up and saved. They all have their own interpretations of what’s happening around them and what they can do about it, so this creates tensions and a power struggle within the ship.”

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September 25, 2018 @ 6:51 am

Justin Morrissey interviews Freedom Wilson and Anna Murphy

Mycorrhizal: Futurae - Ferox – Inferius is Freedom Wilson’s new body of work which raises awareness of the endangered buttercup doubletail orchid (Diuris aequalis). 

Orchids have evolved highly complex ecological partnerships over millennia. Beneath the soil each plant species depends on a specific species of Mycorrhizal fungus for its existence. 

Wilson participated in botanical surveys and field research in the Kanangra Boyd Wilderness area and in snow gum habitat near the Wombeyan caves. 

She was guided in her research by ecologist and Saving Our Species project officer Anna Murphy from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

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September 25, 2018 @ 6:39 am

Visual Dispatches with Fiona Davies

Visual dispatches presented by Fiona Davies. Tonight's guest is the sound video and performance artist Naomi Oliver. Naomi is also on the board of MAPBM

The entrancing image Watercolour II, is an example of Naomi's 2D data manipulation practice which will be discussed in detail tonight. Her process is to start by responding to something in the real world when making a watercolour. This work on paper is then manipulated by digital programs to introduce distortions and blips or errors.

A long experience with performance includes her role as one of The Motel Sisters. They are currently running a Day Spa for residents at Abel Tasman Retirement Village, in partnership with the Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)

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